"WotWentWrong" Last Weekend? An App Strives to Provide Answers to Past Dating Disasters

How many times have you and your friends sat at brunch trying to figure out why that guy went MIA? Was it something you said? Were you too forward? Or maybe your kissing wasn’t up to his standards? Analyzing every text you sent, everything you said, every moment of what you thought was a romantic hookup isn’t going to help. In fact, it will probably just make you even more paranoid. Now, rather than forever wondering what went wrong and resorting to checking his Facebook every day to see if he’s dating another girl, there’s an app for that!

WotWentWrong is a free online breakup app created to answer the timeless question, “Why hasn’t he called?” Claiming to give daters an improved chance for success in future relationships, WotWentWrong wants to help people find closure with past partners who mysteriously disappeared.

The creators of WotWentWrong believe that all people deserve to know the reason why a relationship didn’t work. Not knowing why that cute guy in your calc class never called back after last weekend could damage your self-esteem and possibly affect future relationships. Instead of stalking your ex’s Facebook page every night for answers, just log in to the WotWentWrong website and send a request to a past date who perfectly executed the infamous “Fadeaway” and vanished from sight.

WotWentWrong will help you create a short letter asking for an explanation. You can choose from 11 different templates including “flippant,” “cool,” and “philosophical.” You’re probably asking yourself what in the world a “philosophical” feedback request is. Well, this is WotWentWrong’s “philosophical” template:

A request that is sweet and to the point, with no room for emotional irrationality – sounds pretty good, right? After selecting your feedback request template, WotWentWrong helps you to incentivize your ex to respond by having you rate his appearance, kissing skills, sense of humor, style, etc. Basically, it is your turn to tell him his strengths and weaknesses. Maybe he is an amazing kisser, but what is up with those weird noises he makes while hooking up? And those ripped up jeans that are way too short? Maybe they should take a permanent trip to Goodwill. 

Your ex will receive an email alerting them that “[Your name here] has sent you a personal feedback request from WotWentWrong and she is hoping to understand WotWentWrong with your dates.” You might be asking yourself why exes would bother giving feedback. They successfully managed to escape the relationship, so why risk opening that can of worms again? This is where the rating system comes in. In order for your ex to find out how you rated their looks, personality, kissing skills, etc., they will first have to explain what it was about your personality or the relationship in general that turned them off. Once your ex sends you feedback, he will get to see all of your rating responses. Sounds pretty fun, right?

And don’t worry about getting excessively rude or vulgar feedback from your exes. WotWentWrong provides 12 categories of feedback, such as “Something’s missing,” “It’s about how you treat me,” and “Lifestyle.” Within each of these categories, there are more specific explanations. In the “Lifestyle” category, your ex can choose from a dropdown menu of more than a dozen choices, including “You don’t earn enough money for the lifestyle I want to have” and “You don’t like pets.” The “Physical/Sexual” category is probably the most entertaining with reasons like “You’re too hairy” and “You finish sex too quickly.”

If WotWentWrong seems like something you want to try out, then head over to http://www.wotwentwrong.com and sign up! You need an account to send feedback requests, but your ex will be able to respond without signing up for the service. Those days of endless anxiety over failed relationships might just be over. No more weekend brunches will be spent obsessing over why that guy never called back. No more Friday nights will be spent analyzing that failed date while watching The Notebook and inhaling pints of Ben and Jerry’s. So give it a try and let us know how it goes! You might just discover something about yourself that you never realized before.

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