Why Do Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Hold Hands in Public When Other Royal Couples Rarely Do?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made headlines over the past few days for their engagement announcement, which has had people collectively "awwing" and sighing in disappointment that they aren't the royal ginger's fiancée (maybe that's just me). Ever since the pair made their first official public outing as a couple at the Invictus Games, their love for one another has been quite obvious. Hand holding, affectionate touches and linked arms are all notable displays of physical intimacy that other royal couples typically don't engage in while out in public.

Prince William and Kate, for example, are rarely seen holding hands, but it's merely a matter of preference and the style of event they're attending, according to a royal etiquette expert PEOPLE consulted. Meghan and Harry are being recognized as a more "modern" example of the way royal couples conduct themselves, with their PDA being labeled as refreshing, as it is fairly atypical for the royal family. 

Meghan and Harry held hands Friday as the bride-to-be accompanied her fiancé on a royal workday, marking another first for the former actress. Their visit was meant to focus on "causes that HRH is particularly passionate about — raising the awareness of HIV/AIDS and preventing youth crime," according to the Kensington Palace Twitter.

The couple visited Nottingham, where they greeted a group of excited fans at the town center. Arriving outside of the National Justice Museum, Meghan and Prince Harry could be seen happily engaging with the crowd, responding to their questions and comments. Many who were present to see the royal couple noted how lovely they looked together. Meghan made a point of introducing herself to people in the crowd, charming adults and children alike. 

It's clear to see that Meghan made an impression on the attendees, proving what a natural she is in her role alongside Prince Harry.