Who Will Be The Villain on 'The Bachelorette'? We Have A Few Suspects

Love them or hate them, no Bachelor/Bachelorette season is complete without a villain. Let’s see who might take the title this season, providing us with plenty of GIFs and showing up in Bachelor in Paradise to be problematic six months later.

1. Jordan

Living Ken doll Jordan is definitely the frontrunner to be season 14’s villain. He won’t shut up about his impeccable fashion sense (sea foam pocket square, anyone?) and his modeling career (which is really taxing, apparently. Poor thing.) He describes himself as a “pensive gentleman,” which is exactly something a Disney villain would say with a dramatic flourish of their cape. His favorite pastime seems to be tearing apart the other guy’s outfit choices. Jordan, sweetie, you’re on The Bachelorette, not Fashion Police. Since he’s already picking fights with the other guys and is totally obsessed with his hair, I’d say he’s basically what you’d get if you put Chad and Corinne in a blender and made a villainous protein shake out of them.  

2. Chris 

Chris’s villainous tendencies are way more under-the-radar than Jordan’s blatant obnoxiousness. Remember, he’s the one that got Chase sent home over a text he supposedly received from one of Chase’s ex-girlfriends saying that he wasn’t there for the right reasons. Is it possible that this was all true and Chase really was there for the wrong reasons? Um, yes. Lowkey, he looked and acted really creepy. But still, there’s something to be said about Chris going out of his way to get another guy sent home on the first night instead of just focusing on his own relationship with Becca. Hm, who’s there for the wrong reasons now? 

3. The Chicken Guy

The guy who showed up dressed like a chicken, also known as David the finance bro, might be hiding something nefarious under all those feathers. From snarky comments about the other guys not trying hard enough to get Becca’s attention to an altercation with none other than beauty queen Jordan, David definitely has it in him to become this season’s villain. But he better watch his back, because I’m sure plenty of the guys won’t hesitate to turn him into a chicken nugget.