What We Know About 'Jane the Virgin's' Final Season—So Far

Jane the Virgin is coming to an end with its fifth and final season on The CW, but series creator and showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman and series star Gina Rodriguez say that this season is all about “things coming full circle,” and that it will definitely make you shed some tears.

Taking stage at the TV Critics’ Association press tour on Thursday to talk about the final season, Urman said said that the show’s “theme this year is things coming full circle,” adding that she wanted to revisit storylines and emotions that mirror “where we started but show how these characters have grown and changed.”

In the fifth season premiere, for example, Urman said there is a scene where Rodriguez goes to Rafael (Justin Baldoni) in a yellow dress, which mimics a scene that fans might recognize from the pilot when Jane shows up at a guy’s workplace in a bright yellow dress, E! News reports.

“There's things like that all throughout,” Urman said. “We’re going to revisit a few issues that have come up with the couples in their relationships that are handled in different ways because you're not the same person five years later.”

According to Variety, the fifth season will start by answering whether Michael (Brett Dier), who died in season three, is back — a telenovela trope that Urman said had been threaded through the show-within-the-show, but still one that she worried about executing “in a way that is both believable enough and also true to the tone and the spirit of the show.”

Urman added she also wants “a real sense of closure at the end.” The philosophy in the writers’ room has been how to have cake and eat it too — “really have it all and have these big family moments. I want to say goodbye in the right way, and I want to stick the landing, and it’s a lot of pressure, but I really want to.”

The central moment of the fifth season premiere centers on a seven-page monologue for Jane, where she processes her feelings out-loud about a recent turn of events to her mother (Andrea Navedo) and grandmother (Ivonne Coll), Variety reports. Rodriguez, who also directed the episode, called this moment “a phenomenal challenge.”

And, while we won’t see narrator Anthony Mendez on screen, the season finale will explain “the context of the narration, and who the narrator is within the world of the show.”

According to E! News, while Urman didn’t want to give away too much about the upcoming season, she did have something to say romance-wise.

“You should hold out for a romantic ending in some way,” Urman said. “What the romance is is going to be TBD.”

But the two women definitely promised tears this season.

When asked about how the season finale will make fans cry, Rodriguez said, “How much are you going to cry throughout the entire season?”

“I cried a lot in the editing room if that's any indication,” Urman added. “A writer in our room, Carolina Rivera, once described telenovelas to me as ‘a pornography of emotion,’ and that crystallized in my mind somehow. It’s just like, you juice it to the max and you feel everything and then you ground it after that, but let these characters feel. And so we go through all the feels this season, certainly.”

The final season of Jane the Virgin premieres March 27th on The CW.