What Do Vodka & Hotdogs Have in Common? They are Betty White's Secret to a Long Life

Betty White, comedian and all around legend, celebrates another record year (her 96th!) this month and it's time to listen up because she's spilling some secrets for living a long and successful life.

Lazy girls, good news! According to an article on Foodbeast.com Betty says you only need three things to stay young and healthy! What are they? Vodka, hot dogs, and a positive attitude. And who can argue with a Golden Girl? 

Actually, the actress does have some science on her side. According to Time magazine, in a study published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, drinking alcohol in moderate amounts was found to have a reduced risk of death and lead to greater health benefits. So, maybe binge drinking with your girls every Saturday isn't quite what they had in mind but, learning to enjoy a drink here and there in moderate amounts could pay off in the long run. 

I'm not so sure about there's any similar conclusions that have been drawn by the scientific community about hot dogs, though. However, Healthline.com does say that happy people live significantly longer lives — so if hot dogs or any other junk food make you happy, you might consider just going for it. Partner that with Betty's recommendation for staying positive and you should be set. 

Cheers to another great year of laughs and sage advice from such an amazing woman.