We Really Want to Join This Impromptu Subway Dance Party

If you've ever been on a city subway, you probably know how lonely it can feel, even when you're standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger. With everyone constantly tuned out from reality with their earphones and iPhones, it seems no one really makes eye contact anymore. One Brooklyn-based filmmaker decided to change all that—by starting a dance party on a subway train, complete with a bouncer. At first, people may have perceived it to be yet another annoying subway performance, but once they saw that even the most typically indifferent New Yorkers were actually having fun, they didn't hesitate to join in. Next time you take the subway, we won't blame you for hoping you're stepping onto the dance party train—check out the video below, and find a reason to throw your own dance party... maybe in the library during finals week? Just a thought.