We Hate Channing Tatum's Golden Globes Hair, But We Love Him

Channing Tatum is usually on-point when it comes to appearance—let's face it, he was one of the only good parts of the completely plotless Magic Mike series, and last year he landed a spot on the best dressed list for the Globes. Unfortunately, we pretty much hate what he did with his hair for the Golden Globe Awards tonight.

We're hoping this is just a temporary, one-night kind of hairstyle, because Channing is usually on every level of hot, between his killer dance moves and that body.

Normally when Channing dons an interesting hairstyle, it's for an intense lip sync battle featuring Beyoncé that we can't stop talking about. As expected, he's wearing it like this because of his role in the movie Gambit, but there are still enough memes across the internet about Fall Out Boy, Charlie's Angels' Thin Man, and emo bangs to keep people speculating for hours to come.

It's okay, Channing, we still think you're 100% fine. You can lip sync Fall Out Boy to us any time you want!