Wait, Alexander Skarsgård Could Be Coming Back to 'Big Little Lies' & I'm Confused

Warning: Spoilers for Big Little Lies season one below.

The end of Big Little Lies season one shook us all. The "death" the show had been leading up to turned out to be none other than Celeste Wright's abusive husband, Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgård). 

But, was he really dead? It was definitely implied, but now I'm not sure of anything. 

According to TVLine, Skarsgård is "expected to return in some capacity." So, like in flashbacks, right?

Not so fast. Skarsgård recently told PEOPLE, "I don’t even know if I’m really dead or not. I feel okay right now but we’ll see." 


At this point, I can't tell if this makes me excited or concerned about season two. Although Skarsgård served a major purpose in the first season, I'm not sure how convincing a plotline about him basically returning from the dead will be. 

Then again, Big Little Lies was originally designed as a stand-alone. A second season is uncharted territory, without a book to rely upon. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see how everything works out! And we'll be waiting awhile, too — Big Little Lies isn't set to return until 2019