Vanessa Grimaldi & Nick Viall Revealed They're Living Together & I'm as Shocked as You Are

Bachelor fans have made no secret of their suspicions that things are not going well between former bachelor Nick Viall and season 21 winner Vanessa Grimaldi. But in news that we definitely didn't see coming, Nick and Vanessa have apparently moved in together - as in, yes, they're somehow living in the same household willingly.

According to Refinery29, the couple recently appeared on Ellen's after show to play "How Engaged Are You?" with two of the show's producers. When asked who the messiest was between the two of them, both Vanessa and Nick immediately answered that it was the latter.

And then came the real kicker, "Although, we just moved in together," Nick said in his defense. Woah, what? 


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Let's not forget that most of the post-season interviews have been pretty cringe-worthy, not to metion there was the whole rather *large* issue of Vanessa being unsure of wanting to be with Nick through the season's final episode. To top it all off, Nick revealed to Us Weekly that he basically hasn't even thought about wedding plans for the couple yet.

In fairness, the duo has some added complications with the fact that Vanessa isn't U.S. citizen, and their Ellen appearance makes it seem like they've at least warmed up to each other a little more - but we're still skeptical.