Urban Outfitters Is Releasing a ‘Best of Hannah Montana’ Record, But Its Soundtrack Is Missing the Actual Hits?

Earlier this week Urban Outfitters announced that they were releasing a limited edition purple vinyl, compiling what they alledge to be the "Best of Hannah Montana". For $25.98, you could be one of 3,000 individuals lucky enough to jam out to the world’s greatest secret pop star via your record player. 


90s kids rejoiced. Millennials were shook. The Twitterverse exploded — Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff and the Jonas Brothers all in one week? Nickelodeon could never.  

Homegirl doesn’t even have a record player and her vinyl is on the way!

So! Influential!

Twelve-year-old me is thriving. She's wishing she had a highlighted blonde wig to rock out in. She's making up dances on the spot. She is 26 dollars poorer and she is living her best life.

This limited release includes the following tracks from the series:

  • The Best of Both Worlds
  • If We Were a Movie
  • Who Said
  • I Got Nerve
  • Pumpin' Up the Party
  • The Other Side of Me
  • This Is the Life
  • Nobody's Perfect
  • Rock Star
  • True Friend
  • Life's What You Make It
  • One in a Million
  • We Got the Party

Wait a second, hold up. Sorry, but this is what was selected as the "best" of Hannah Montana? What largely amounts to the first two seasons' soundtracks mashed together (rest in peace to "Just Like You," "Bigger Than Us" and "You and Me Together," though), is the best? The Best of Hannah Montana completely ignores two whole seasons and a blockbuster feature film!!! Where is "It’s All Right Here?" Clearly it’s not! Where is "Always Find Your Way Back Home" (penned in part by lyrical genius Taylor Swift)? Miley Stewart, who? Malibu would never. "Wherever I Go?" Wherever are the hits!!!

Why isn't this a two-record, four-sided album? And where are the tracks featuring guest stars? Where is Corbin Bleu? David Archuleta? Sheryl Crow? Iyaz? Billy Ray Cyrus himself?! Who tracked this album?! I just want to talk.