Tyra Banks Just Released Emojis Inspired By Your Favorite 'ANTM' Moments

Stop everything. You can now send Tyra Banks emojis to everyone on your contact list. Yep, she just released a set of personalized emojis called TyTyMojis. And guess what? You can get them for 99 cents on iTunes. 

Among these hidden gems are a cup of "your tears" and a "girl bye" button. One reads "Learn something from this!" and another says "Every hallway is a runway." You can even send an envelope labeled "Tyra Mail." The emojis have perfect references to America's Next Top Model, and I can't wait to send these to my fellow ANTM lovers. There's even a "I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!" emoji!

We all knew Tyra was busy – she recently became a guest lecturer at Stanford—but it turns out ANTM actually helped make this Tyra project happen. The emojis are a partnership with Nyx Media and Allison Harvard, a two-time runner-up on ANTM who also appears on one of the TyTymojis. 

Sounds like a win-win—especially for me because even though Tyra isn't on ANTM anymore, I can still obsess over her sassy and fierce emojis on my phone.