Tyler The Creator Rapped About Timothée Chalamet & The Internet Is Swooning

Let me get one thing straight: I am Timothée Chalamet trash. (and I'm v public about this as I’ve talked about it before.)

I’ve been obsessed with him since awards season, seeing him and Armie Hammer being cute and bro-ing out during press for Call Me By Your Name after playing love interests in the movie.

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But I’m definitely not the only one who feels Timothée relevant enough to be name-dropping him.

Tyler, The Creator (formerly of rap group Odd Future but definitely a successful solo artist himself) released a surprise new song called “Okra” that referenced the 23-year-old actor.

“Tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me” Tyler raps about 1:40 into the song.

For fans of Tyler and Timothee, this is majorly significant for two big reasons:

1. Timothée is a huge rap fan. (He even had a high school rap persona, Lil Timmy Tim.)
Though he cites Kid Cudi as his biggest musical inspiration, he also has been a fan of Tyler, as one fan on Twitter pointed out.

2. Though he has been criticized for delivering sometimes homophobic lyrics, much of the lyrical content on Tyler the Creator's 2017 album Flower Boy references the fluidity of his sexuality.
"Next line I'll have em' like woah/ I've been kissing white boys since 2004, he says on the song “I Ain’t Got Time.” Tyler confirmed that this is what he had meant, again, on Twitter.

The fact that he mentioned Timothée, who in real life is straight but has played such a high profile gay character in Call Me By Your Name, is a pretty big deal, especially in the rap community where male homosexuality is famously taboo. I'm so here for it.

Also, please enjoy Lil Timmy Tim’s own rap music video, my favorite video on the internet.