Twitter is Campaigning to Have Constance Wu Host 'SNL' & We're Totally Down For It

Twitter users have spoken, and it’s clear that they want Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu to host the season premiere Saturday Night Live. And we can’t say we blame them. As Wu’s film continues to dominate the box office, it only makes sense that the actress should have this honor.

On Monday, SNL’s official Twitter account asked fans asked who they would like to see host the show this season. Of course Twitter users suggested the usual SNL alums and other popular stars, but the campaign to get Wu to host the show seems to be gaining the most traction.

According to Hello Giggles, several fans in support of having Wu host the iconic show noted SNL’s lack of Asian representation over the years. Fans pointed out that the show has never had a cast member that identifies as Asian in its 43-year history, and there have only been a handful of Asian hosts throughout the years.

Wu’s fellow Crazy Rich Asian star, Harry Shum Jr., also chimed in, and suggested not one, but three, of his costars to host SNL.

“@ConstanceWu @awkwafina @kenjeong DUH.” the Crazy Rich Asians actor wrote on Twitter.

According to Fast Company, there is a pretty good shot that Wu could be one of this season’s SNL hosts. Her movie has been a big hit, and she has been doing an amazing job over the years on her show Fresh Off the Boat on ABC.

Either way, Wu should get to host SNL because she is crazy talented. So, consider this my vote for Wu to host the show!