A Twitch User Hacked Lili Reinhart's Twitter & Posted Fake Nude Photos

Lili Reinhart's Twitter and Snapchat were hacked on Wednesday, just two days after the same happened to her boyfriend and Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse.

When Lili's accounts were compromised, the hacker posted a photo of a nude woman who they claimed was her. "Shouldn't have talked shit about us, here's to lili fans found this masterpiece in iCloud," the hacker reportedly tweeted about the picture. However, the photo turned out to be of an adult film star

Regarding the hacker's mention of talking "shit," this was likely in reference to Lili's tweet following the hacking of Cole's Twitter. 

This could mean that the same person is behind both incidents — especially since the person who hacked Cole's Twitter made similar comments to the ones issued on Lili's. "Got a picture of @colesprouse's dong from iCloud, and let me tell you guys, it's pretty small," the hacker allegedly tweeted on Cole's account. They also claimed that Cole "participated in sexual acts when he was on the Disney Channel," StyleCaster reported.

The hacker's identity is currently unknown; however, Twitch has launched an investigation into a user whose channel was linked to during the takeover of Lili's Twitter. 

According to Polygon, the same Twitch user, Savaged6, even posted a clip where he can be heard saying, "Yo, we got that bitch's Instagram account." The hacker also retweeted an account with a similar user name, whose only tweeted once. The Twitter account is currently suspended.

All of the hacker's posts have since been deleted from both Cole and Lili's accounts, though it's not certain that the two have been able to regain control of them.