These Throwback Photos of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton's 2006 Vacay Will Give You So Much '00s Nostalgia

Apparently, much like the rest of us, Paris Hilton has really been feeling nostalgic for the early '00s lately - and she posted some amazing #TBT-worthy photos of her and Kim Kardashian's 2006 vacation to prove it.

"Good Times in Ibiza with @KimKardashian & @CarolineDamore #GirlsTrip2006," she tweeted on Sunday night, along with some photos that cannot be described in any way other than as PURE GOLD.

In the photos, Kim, Paris and and their friend Caroline can be seen doing a variety of typical early-'00s activities, including but not limited to: posing for digital camera selfies in massive sunglasses and rocking Louis Vuitton monogrammed bikinis with teeny purses. Need I say more?

Of course from there, the floodgates of footage from Paris's former show The Simple Life were opened, and things only got better.

And then there's this gem - we have no words.

Kim was clearly here for the nostalgia, responding to Paris's tweet, "Best trip!!!" I don't know about you, but I'm hoping the good vibes between the two means there's a reunion vacation in the works.