There's a 'Toy Story'-Themed Plane You Can Actually Fly To Your Next Destination & OH MY GOD

Have you ever been on a plane and thought to yourself, "Man, I really wish this was more lively, more full of color and fun?" Do you ever wonder what it would be like if Disney took over that dream and made it even better by including Toy Story?

Well, have no fear! For Disney/Pixar has heard our silent pleas for more exciting aerial travel and has gifted us a Toy Story plane!

Because Disney has already conquered land and sea travel, Cosmo reports that the Mouse House has teamed up with China Eastern Airlines to give that extra magical experience they're known for, to passengers flying from Beijing to the Disney Shanghai resorts. says that "the jet is designed to immerse passengers in the world of Woody, Buzz, and the gang."

And it really does!

Before even stepping foot on the plane, passengers check-in at themed kiosks featuring the beloved characters. The plane, which is sky blue, features fan favorites Woody and Buzz Lightyear taking flight along the outside. When a passenger walks up the stairs, they enter a cabin similar to Andy's room. The baby blue and white clouds that we have come to know and love are loaded with characters like Mr. Potato Head, Ham, Jessie, Rex and even the villainous Lotso-Hugging-Bear from Toy Story 3.

But the decor isn't all—there are also Toy Story-themed headphones, as well as a menu that features character-themed options to give passengers a full-on Pixar experience! And did we mention the staff wears Mouse ears?! 

This is the third airbus between Beijing and Shanghai for the partnership with Disney and China Eastern Airlines. In addition to this one, they also have a Mickey Mouse plane and a Minnie Mouse plane. Talk about a magical experience to get you from Beijing to China's stop in the most magical places on earth.

You can fly on the Toy Story plane and stay in the luxurious Toy Story hotel all before hitting Toy Story Land in the park! 

To infinity and beyond, everyone!