Therapy Dogs Helped the '13 Reasons Why' Cast Cope with Filming Tough Scenes

13 Reasons Why has been a hot topic since it was released on Netflix a couple weeks ago. The show isn't exactly light, which understandably made the atmosphere on set pretty heavy. But the cast had something to cheer them up during filming. What was it? Puppies, of course!

The cast was treated to some canine friends on days when they were filming more difficult scenes. "They had therapy dogs on set," Dylan Minnette explained. "There was a puppy per hour. They really tried to help out. The puppies helped."

The actors understood the importance and impact of the project they were working on but also knew how important taking care of themselves and their emotional well-being was. Katherine Langford told E! News that she coped with portraying Hannah by playing the piano on set whenever she got the chance. Minnette also stayed positive by visiting his home in Los Angeles whenever he had a break from filming.

13 Reasons Why is heavy enough for us watching it; we can just imagine how tough it must have been to become these characters. We're glad the puppies helped, but let's be honest—puppies improve *every* situation.