The Teaser for Jay-Z's 'Family Feud' Music Video Is Here & It Looks Like There Will Be Some References to Cheating on Beyoncé

Jay-Z wasn't about to let 2017 go without dropping one last production masterpiece for his fans. On Friday, the rapper is releasing a new music video for his song off the 4:44 album, "Family Feud." TIDAL dropped a teaser on Thursday, as Entertainment Weekly reports, and it looks like the video is going to be a Carter family affair.

Beyoncé, who is featured on the song, and her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, will both make appearances in the video. The 34-second preview starts with Jay-Z and his daughter walking through an empty church. Beyoncé waits at the end of the aisle, looking hauntingly beautiful in a head-to-toe navy ensemble. The sneak peek skips to Jay's face behind a confessional screen, as his Queen B listens on the other side. In between are takes of two lovers whose heated moment turns fatal. Jay-Z raps, "We all lose when the family feuds," and we can't help but see the connection between the lyrics and his own family drama. 

As fans wait patiently for the full video to debut, here's another stunning snap of Bey to hold the world over: