Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Just Took Another Huge Step in Their Relationship

Just when we thought Hiddleswift couldn't get any more perfect, they go and impress us yet again.

Though most couples push off meeting the parents for as long as possible, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston aren't wasting any time

Last week, Taylor grabbed lunch with her parents in Nashville before taking them back to her apartment, where Tom was ready and waiting to meet them. 

Then, the duo headed to England to meet Tom's mum. The three of them walked arm-in-arm around Ipswich, near Diana Hiddleston's home. Later, they took an equally adorable beach stroll, with Tay and Tom holding hands. Yes, there is photographic evidence of the aforementioned adorableness.

Let's hope all the 'rents approve of this match made in heaven because we sure do!