Taylor Swift Releases New 'Vulnerable, Personal, Honest & Emotional' Song 'The Archer'

We are officially one month away from the release of Taylor Swift’s new album, “Lover,” and the pop superstar has given us another taste of her upcoming music, releasing a third song off of the new record on Tuesday. 

After telling fans that she had a big announcement, Swift took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to reveal the details about “The Archer,” which is the fifth track off of her upcoming album. 

“There’s a lot that’s covered emotionally and I really wanted to give you track five before the album came out,” Swift said. “I didn’t realize I was doing this, but as I was making albums, I guess I was just kind of putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest, emotional song as track five.”

“So because you noticed this, I kind of started to put the songs that were really honest, emotional, vulnerable and personal as track five, so that has definitely happened in the case of track five on this album ‘Lover’,” she added before releasing the track worldwide for fans to hear. 

“I’ve been the archer / I’ve been the prey / Who could ever leave me darling… / But who could stay?” Swift sings on the emotional track.



I’ve been the archer I’ve been the prey Who could ever leave me darling... But who could stay?

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The pop singer’s previous albums have all featured albums heart-wrenching songs, like ballads “Dear John” and “All Too Well,” as the fifth track. 

Swift also explained that she teamed up with her longtime collaborator, Jack Antonoff, again to produce the song. According to Entertainment Tonight, the two previously worked together on tracks like “Out of the Woods” and “Look What You Made Me Do.”

The pop star teased the announcement on day earlier, writing, “I have some stuff I’m reeeeeally excited to tell you about, including some info on this Easter egg right here.”

Antonoff also sent fans into a frenzy when he tweeted a bow and arrow emoji ahead of the announcement. 

“The Archer” will be featured on Swift’s seventh studio album, along with previously released tracks “ME!” (featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco) and “You Need to Calm Down.” 

Swift revealed in another Instagram Live last month that “Lover” will feature 18 tracks total and that the album will have a “very romantic” vibe. 

“Not just simply thematic, like it’s [not] all love songs,” she clarified. “You can find some romance in loneliness or sadness, going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life.”

The singer also revealed during her Instagram Live on Tuesday that she will four special editions of her upcoming album, which will include 120 pages from her personal diaries written throughout her life, PEOPLE reports.

“I found some crazy stuff in there. I found the original lyrics of ‘All Too Well,’ which I didn’t even know that I had in my diaries,” she said. “It’s everything from being 13 and coming home from a bad day at school to Grammy night to processing my life as a teenager.”

“Lover” is set for release on August 23! We’re so excited, we really need to calm down.