Taylor Swift Might Be Referencing a Calvin Harris Proposal in the 'Look What You Made Me Do' Video

Is there a reference to a proposal in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video? Just when it seemed like every little detail from Taylor Swift’s new video had been exposed, Swifties have pieced together another earth-shattering revelation. Apparently, Taylor might've included a subtle nod to a proposal from her ex Calvin Harris.


Exhibit A: Locket

Scene: Bathtub

While most people focused on the dollar bill in Taylor's tub of jewels, which supposedly pointed to her recent sexual assault lawsuit victory, more observant viewers spotted the word “no” spelled out with a gold necklace on the floor beside her. And that's not just any necklace. It suspiciously resembles the locket Calvin gave Taylor for their one-year anniversary.

Exhibit B: Engagement ring box

Scene: Stream Co.

Later in the video, while Taylor and her cat-masked accomplices rob a streaming company, an engagement ring box is propped open in the background on a pile of cash.

Fans believe that the combination of the ring box and the necklaces spelling "no" could be Taylor's sly way of saying she never would've accepted a proposal from Calvin. Or maybe that he did propose and she rejected him. Or she wanted him to propose and he wouldn't.


If this seems like a stretch, remember that Taylor plans everything perfectly—particularly in this video. It’s hard to believe anything you see in "LWYMMD" wasn't purposefully placed there.