Taylor Swift Liked a Tumblr Post That Proves '...Ready for It?' Is About Joe Alwyn

When it comes to a fandom like Taylor Swift's, there are eagle-eyed fans galore and analysts so good you'd swear it was their job. Now that Taylor has released the second single off her new album Reputation, Swifties have even *more* amazing material to work with. While many have speculated the "...Ready for It?" lyrics point to Taylor's ex Harry Styles, one extremely thorough Tumblr post came through to explain how the lyrics may have actually been inspired by Taylor's current bae, Joe Alwyn. And the juiciest part of all? Taylor liked the post!

Tumblr user jencita seriously went to town on the "...Ready for It?" lyrics, breaking the song down verse by verse and thoroughly explaining certain words and phrases in connection to Taylor's life, past and present. This post will seriously leave fans absolutely shook.


Taylor has been known to be active on Tumblr and like posts, especially now that songs from Reputation are being released. Although Taylor has yet to speak out herself about the meaning of the song, liking this fan theory has to mean something, right? Right?!