Taylor Swift Just Deleted a Bunch of Her Social Media, & I Need to Know What This Means

Taylor Swift is known to cause quite a stir on social media, especially when it comes to her Kanye West drama, but I'm not really sure what's behind the buzz this time. On Friday morning, she left all of her profiles with ~blank spaces~ by deleting her profile pictures and many of her posts.

Along with her deleted profile picture, she deleted all her Instagram posts and unfollowed everyone on her account.

Her website was even wiped clean, with only a simple black screen left. 

Even though we have no idea what's behind this sudden emptiness in Swift's social media, fans are quick to assume it's just the calm before the storm of yet another T. Swift music takeover.

Billboard reports Taylor typically releases a new album every two years, so this move might be getting the world ready for what's next. It has been two years and 10 months since the release of her last album! Fingers crossed. 

Now we just have to anxiously await her next move. Let's hope it happens soon!