Taylor Swift Could Make $1 Million From 'This Is What You Came For'

Taylor Swift might be receiving her best post-breakup gift yet: she could earn almost $1 million from her collab with ex Calvin Harris, “This Is What You Came For.” Swift didn’t sing on the track but wrote the tune under the name Nils Sjoberg, meaning that some profit goes to her, according to Glamour.

Swift and Harris’s breakup jump-started a crazy period in the T. Swift fandom, as Harris was trying not to look bad for keeping Swift’s involvement in the song under wraps.

Despite their initial bad blood, the two seem to have reached a truce, with Harris tweeting that the two have “a huge amount of love and respect” between them. Of course, there’s some people out there who still expect the worst. 

Props to Taylor for getting what she deserves. She didn't necessarily choose between money and a guy, but at least she gets to keep the cash regardless of what happens in her love life.