Stop Everything—Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Daughters Just Made Their First Public Appearance

The day I never thought would come has finally arrived. I know we've been down on you, 2016, but who knew you would be the one to give us the first-ever look at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's ADORABLE daughters?

This is a particularly momentous occasion for James, who has managed to stay out of the spotlight for two years. The couple's oldest daughter hit the unveiling of Ryan's Hollywood Walk of Fame star with mom and little sis in tow. It goes without saying that this was the cutest thing that has ever happened literally ever.

Excuse me while I pick out a frame for this photo.

James obviously inherited her mother's sense of style.

Baby Reynolds, given that the public doesn't know her name yet, is obvi still a little camera shy.

Now that I've seen ~real~ photos of these children, I may have nothing else to live for. Oh well—TOTALLY worth it.