Sterling K. Brown Just Spoofed the 'SNL' Opening Before He Hosts the Show, & It's Hilariously Perfect

He may be overly accustomed to making us cry on a weekly basis on This Is Us, but Sterling K. Brown is now determined to make you laugh too. Scheduled to host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, March 10, Brown has appeared in a SNL promo in which he humorously recreates the show's opening. If Randall Pearson's corny dad jokes make you crack a grin, then it looks like you'll love Brown's goofy side in this video. 

While he's swept up practically any existing Actor in a Drama award since This Is Us premiered, Brown first proved that he would be a fitting host for the sketch comedy show when he announced his new gig. Imitating the show's classic introduction of its host, Brown shared the news with fan on social media last month. 

In his promo for this weekend's episode, Brown recreates the opening credits with cardboard sets and small plastic toys. Assigning a different toy to each SNL cast member (Leslie Jones as Tinkerbell is my favorite), Brown also provides the voiceover introduction of the cast. At the end of the promo, Brown flips the camera to face himself, wittily introducing himself as Steve Martin before saying his name. 

Brown seems totally game for anything while hosting the show, telling CinemaBlend about his initial pitches for the episode. "I would expect either a This Is Us or [The People v. O.J. Simpson] spoof, or both," he said. "I expect to do something definitely with Leslie [Jones]."

Those who keep up with SNL may recall that cast member Chris Redd imitated Brown in the show's recent sketch, "Lion King Auditions." It was a very Randall-esque impression, so here's hoping that either Redd or Brown poke fun at the This Is Us character this week. 

Good luck to Brown as he tries his hand at the live show on Saturday! Fingers crossed that watching won't require the use of tissues.