Stephen & Ayesha Curry Welcome Baby Boy & They're Literally The Perfect Family

It looks like Stephen Curry isn't the only man in the house now. The basketball player and his wife Ayesha Curry welcomed their third child on July 2, a baby boy they've named Canon W. Jack Curry, making it baby number 3 and the first boy in their little family. 

Canon is absolutely adorable, as if we expected any less. Both Ayesha and Steph posted the news on their Instagram pages and OMG, aren't they just the perfect little family of five?

The wait was long and hard for Ayesha, who mentioned back in April that her pregnancy was difficult and had been taking a toll on her health. On April 5, she posted a pic on Instagram saying, "6 down 3 to go! Praising God because I can finally eat and cook a little bit again! Pray that it sticks for me y’all! Ive had 5 hospital stays since the new year and have pretty much been sucking at life (at least that’s how it’s felt.) I think I’m starting to turn a corner though!!!! Woot woot." Thank goodness that's all over now. 

I'm so excited for the Curry family and can't wait to watch Canon grow up, like we have with their daughters. Who knows, maybe baby Curry will follow daddy's footsteps and be the next big basketball star. I can just see it now...