The Spice Girls Love Feminist Rants As Much As We Do

The Spice Girls, the ultimate '90s girl-power group, have always been an inspiration, but now they're going viral. A video of one of their Polaroid commercial shoots resurfaced recently, and feminists everywhere are giving them a round of applause for what happened off-camera.

In the commercial, the Spice Girls act as Catholic school girls that have just gotten kicked out by nuns because of some scandalous pics. The behind-the-scenes video shows a man who was working on the shoot telling the girls that they should show more skin in their uniforms. First of all, how realistic is a skin-baring Catholic school uniform? Secondly, how do men still not understand that women can be sexy without showing their legs, stomachs and breasts?

Melanie Brown claps back at the man's request, saying, "Why did you ask that, to have a cleavage shirt and a midriff shirt?" He replies that it's "every man's fantasy," which gets an appropriate "f*ck off" response from Brown.

Then Gerri Halliwell and Victoria "Posh" Adams step in. Halliwell calls the man a "chauvinistic pig," and Adams pulls his sunglasses off his head—because wearing sunglasses when it isn't sunny is not cool. Not even in the '90s.

Even after all of this, the men still seem to be confused as to why on earth a woman would ever refuse their request to show skin. So the girls continue their feminist rant. "Have you not heard 'less is more,' anyway?" Halliwell asks.

To finish the men once and for all, Brown says, "He's the one who said, 'Can we have a bit of cleavage and midriff?' And we said, 'No.' Girl power!"

That's right. Remember, ladies: only you are in control of your body. Don't let anyone tell you what you should and should not wear. Never let yourself be judged by whether you decide to show skin or not. GIRL. POWER.