Someone Created a Damn Daniel App & You Need to Try It

In just a few short weeks, “Damn, Daniel” took the world by storm. If you haven’t heard that phrase repeated at least 100 times recently, you clearly don’t live on this planet. The viral video has just become an even bigger deal, because now we can make our own “Damn, Daniel” videos right on our own phones.

Elmer Morales, the founder of Koder, and his colleague Aaron Satterfield had a few hours to spare one day, so they gifted us with the Damn Daniel app, letting Daniel and his white Vans further take over the internet.

The program lets you record a series of nine video clips, and the app will graft everything together, producing a supposedly hilarious clip. You can even opt to use the Damn Daniel voice in the app’s voiceover feature.

Go forth, collegiettes, and continue to take over the internet, infiltrating it with all your viral glory.