Shay Mitchell Is Being Accused Of Posting Fake Vacation Pics—Here’s How She Responded

Shay Mitchell wants you to know that she is really on vacation

After the actress posted a series of Instagram pics showcasing her trips to various countries in Asia, fans began to speculate that the images weren't exactly original. Some even called her a Pretty Little Liar (sorry, we couldn't resist!).

Mitchell posted the below image on April 1st, and it features buildings in Tokyo. A reverse image search revealed that the photo was uploaded by a Tumblr user in 2014. Though Mitchell never claimed to have taken the photo herself, fans blew up her comments asking her to take the photo down, or at least credit the original photographer.


When buildings inspire your next nail polish change 💅🏼 #pastels

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The former PLL star also posted a photo to her Instagram story during her travels, that showed off Hong Kong's Monster Building. But, if you look closely, a cursor is visible on the left side of the picture. She captioned the pic "Night Views," and the screenshot is from Stylecaster

Mitchell eventually started crediting the original photographers of some of her snapshots, like this one below of terracotta statues of an army, and another one of a door in Shanghai.


Terracotta Army : Xi’an via tumblr

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And, to prove she actually was on the vacation she posted so frequently about, Mitchell posted a few shots of her and the sites. She even poked fun at the conspiracy that her vacation never really happened. 

"View so nice it almost looks... fake," she captioned the photo.

In another, she wrote, "I was here. Montane mansion, Hong Kong."


View so nice it almost looks... fake.

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I was here. Montane mansion, Hong Kong

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Now that we all know Shay is actually on vacay, let's leave her to enjoy, shall we?