Selena Gomez's 'Back To You' Video Shows The Wild Ride of Love And...Grand Theft Auto?

ICYMI, Selena Gomez dropped her video for "Back to You" earlier today, complete with a love interest, film-style videography and setting a stolen car on fire. Yeah, Sel sets a car on fire to avoid going to jail. A lot happens, alright?

To sum it up: The video has a nostalgic feel and there are no words, only subtitles. It follows Gomez at a party where she meets a boy she's interested in. They steal a car, make plans to go to Michigan, frolic in the woods while filming it on an old camera and taking Polaroids, before Selena finds a "WANTED" sign in the form of a paper airplane. Complete with her face on the poster, Gomez does the only logical thing and sets the car on fire before she is seen crawling in the window of the house the party was at to begin with. The video is a wild ride from start to finish and definitely keeps you on your toes.

Sel is seen in the most adorable clothing and a bobbed haircut to add to the old fashioned feeling of the brief love affair. I'm totally obsessed. I'll link the video below for you to watch, just in case. Beware, you'll probably want to hit replay—it's just that good.