Selena Gomez & Michael B. Jordan Are Preparing To Visit High Schools Across The Country & I'm Already Inspired

You know what they say: the youth is the future. And now, it looks like Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan are joining in to support the next generation as they begin to work toward achieving their dreams.

Gomez and Jordan are teaming up with Coach as part of their Dream It Real foundation, which itself is in partnership with the Future Project. According to The Cut, these organizations aim to guide teenagers to chase after anything and everything they’re passionate about through the help of “dream directors” that visit high schools across America.

As honorary dream directors, Gomez and Jordan will personally be stopping by various high schools in the US, and talking to students there to inspire them. Knowing Gomez’s status as a multi-hyphenate (actress-singer-producer) and Jordan’s vast filmography, which includes everything from poignant TV shows like Friday Night Lights to blockbuster films like Black Panther, there’s likely few people better suited to inspire young people to shoot for the stars.

I’m pretty sad that I’m no longer in high school and therefore won’t be able to meet these two, but I can’t wait to see the great work they do with Dream It Real.