Selena Gomez Breaks Justin Bieber's Record For the Most Liked Instagram Ever

Step down, Biebs—we have a new Insta queen. Selena Gomez has finally trumped Justin's record for the most liked photo on the social media platform, with her pic coming in at over 4.1 million likes. 

Despite her status as the most-followed person on Instagram, Gomez remains humble. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she explains how she racked up so many fans. "It wasn't my goal to be the most followed person," she says. "I try to find a good balance of just being 100% myself and knowing when to post a really good selfie with good lighting." She adds, "It comes in a moment when I capture something happening, and I go, 'Oh, that would be great for Instagram. I should post it.' I know it's boring, but that's genuinely what I do."

The record-breaking snap features Selena sipping on a Coke bottle emblazoned with lyrics from her Revival hit, "Me & the Rhythm."  


when your lyrics are on the bottle 

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Slay, Selena. Slay.