Sam Smith Made a Big Mistake in His Oscars Speech

At the Oscars last night, Sam Smith was awarded Best Original Song for "Writing's On the Wall," the theme for Spectre. During Smith's acceptance speech, he mentioned that he read somewhere no openly gay man had ever won an Oscar. He went on to dedicate his statue to the LGBT community. 

There was one minor problem with Smith's speech, however. Upon exiting the stage, Smith found that he was wrong—he is not the first openly gay male Oscar winner. He responded with a few expletives, followed by, "Two's my lucky number, so it's all good. Who was the other person?" Newsflash: There have been quite a few more openly gay male Oscar winners than Smith initially thought—including the iconic Elton John.

One of those past winners got a little bit feisty with the singer via Twitter, but we won't get into that. Just know that Sam has since apologized as eloquently as we could've hoped for.

Do you forgive Smith's mistake or should he have known better, collegiettes?