Ryan Reynolds Told the Creepiest Santa Clause Story to His Daughter

Every year as Christmas approaches, parents around the world scramble to come up with answers to the very specific questions about Santa Clause. Who is his favorite reindeer? What does he do if he doesn’t like the cookies at a house? And at the Lively-Reynolds household, how does he get down the chimney when the fire is still burning?

Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to share a conversation he had Christmas day with his 3-year-old daughter James. Apparently Ryan left the fire burning in the fire place on Christmas Eve, and James was quick to pick up on it. Unlike the many parents who may panic under the realization they screwed up, Ryan did not try to come up with a wild excuse on the spot. Instead, Ryan’s Santa Clause story took a dark turn:

Not only is his description incredibly creepy (“crows circle in the distance NO THANK YOU), but the accompanying picture might even be worse. The picture is a little dark, so we can’t be sure, but it sure looks like two skinny little Santa legs in the burning fire place. Yikes.

If the photo that Blake Lively shared of Christmas cookies that Ryan made over the weekend are any indication, it seems like he may have some bad luck with burning things.


@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies... ...He’s verrry handsome though.

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Luckily, there’s Blake to keep the holidays running smoothly for our favorite family.