Ryan Reynolds Kissed Andrew Garfield After Losing at the Golden Globes & The Internet Loved It

Stars have to turn to someone for comfort when they lose at an awards show. But it’s safe to say that no one watching the Golden Globes was expecting this blink-and-you-missed-it kiss between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield when Ryan Gosling walked past them to accept his award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, a category in which Reynolds was also nominated.

We had no idea this bromance was a thing, but Blake Lively certainly seems to approve. Do you think she's cheering for Gosling or her husband's makeout skills? 

Twitter blew up with this viral moment, coming up with the best idea ever: a Deadpool and Spiderman flick?! Yes please. 

Forget all those other celebrity couples. We're just hoping this moment of brotherly love is the start (or even the continuation!) of a beautiful friendship.