Rita Ora Auditioned for 'The Voice' in Germany as a Joke, But None of the Judges Recognized Her

You probably know the name Rita Ora, but how well do you actually know Rita Ora? Well, in Germany, the answer seems to be not at all.

You see, Rita decided to play a little prank by auditioning for the German version of The Voice. Rita sang her song “Your Song” (Quick! Sing it. Can you?) during the blind auditions. The British singer expected the judges to recognize her when their chairs turned…except the ruse didn’t go as planned.

Even after all four judges turned around (way to go, Rita!), they had no clue who she was!!! One judge even remarked how similar her take on "Your Song" sounded to the original. Rita kept the bit going, but eventually she had to reveal to the judges that she was, in fact, Rita Ora.

Kudos to Rita for taking the chance to laugh at herself, but next time, make sure you know your crowd—and they know you!