Rihanna Has Been Helping This Fan Come Out Over the Past Month

Rihanna is no stranger to showing love to her fans and interacting with them on social media, but what she's done for a special member of the Rihanna Navy has our hearts melting. 

About a month ago, Rihanna sent a passionate message of advice to a gay fan who's been struggling with coming to terms with his sexuality. 

The fan, who has chosen to remain anonymous, revealed to BuzzFeed that he confided in Rihanna about his sexuality because he didn't have anyone else to talk to who would understand. Since then, Rihanna has been consistently helping him with his journey to come out to his friends. He also told BuzzFeed that coming out as a gay black man has been hard, but Rihanna's words of encouragement have helped him to not be ashamed of who he is. The fan hopes to fully come out by July when he'll get to meet Rihanna during her Anti World Tour. 

We definitely need more people like Rihanna in the world.