Rihanna Is Dishing Some Of Her Best Wedding Night Advice To Meghan Markle & It Involves Her Lingerie Brand

Who better to dish out advice to the Royals across the pond than our very own Queen Rihanna? In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, at the launch party for her new lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, Ri talked all about wedding night style. She even suggested Meghan Markle should go for “a bridal vibe” with “a little skirt and top situation” on her first blissful marriage night with Prince Harry.  Sounds cute. Sounds familiar. Sounds exactly like this skirt from Savage X Fenty, conveniently available in white for all the bridal vibes.

Even though Rihanna seems to know exactly how to do wedding night style, she also said that there aren’t really any rules––no one’s going care if you wear hot pink instead of white. "I mean, really, on your wedding night, you could do whatever you want. It depends on how savage you wanna be," Rihanna said. 

Meghan, if you want to take RiRi up on her advice, you can actually shop Savage X Fenty now before your Royal Wedding on May 19.