Rejoice, We Have Even More Info About the 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Series

Last week, we got everything we've ever wanted when a Gilmore Girls reboot series from Netflix was announced. There's so much we want to see from this reunion, and now we have even more news to fuel our daydreams.

According to the latest from TVLine, the four 90-minute episodes will be centered around the four seasons of one calendar year. You know what that means; with this expanded timeline comes the opportunity for more answered questions. Specifically, we need scoop on Luke and Lorelai's relationship status, the potential return of Sookie St. James, the trajectory of Rory's career and whether or not any of Rory's former love interests are in the picture. 

We project nothing will be more devastating than the send-off of Richard Gilmore's character, given that his portrayer Edward Herrmann passed away last December. As sad as it will be, we want Emily to return as the fearless female she was throughout the series' original run. But we also think the show should deal with her new reality as a widow. We're eager to see if Emily's razor-sharp wit and unflinching judgment held up after the loss of her beloved Richard.

But what we HAVE to get? Let's be honest—it's a winter wedding. Luke and Lorelai, slow-dancing in the snow. What could be more perfect?  

Are you excited about the revival's four seasons plan? What do you most want to see during the reunion episodes?