Reese Witherspoon Just Confirmed She's Returning As Elle Woods In 'Legally Blonde 3' With An Epic Video & I'm Dead

Earlier this week, there were reports that Reese Witherspoon would be reprising her role as Elle Woods for a Legally Blonde 3 film. While we were so ready, we also didn't get too excited in case the reports weren't true.

Well, we no longer have to worry, because Reese herself revealed on Twitter this morning that the rumors are true and Legally Blonde 3 is definitely a happening. In the tweet, Witherspoon floats in a pool in a pink sparkling bikini, similar to Elle Woods' iconic Harvard admissions video from the first Legally Blonde movie. "It's true... #LegallyBlonde3" she writes in the Tweet. She also shared the post on Instagram. 

According to Vulture, the first film's script writers, Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith, will work together again for Legally Blonde 3. Deadline reports that much of the creative team will stay the same, with the addition of Witherspoon as a producer through Hello Sunshine, the woman-focused media brand she founded. 

It's been 17 years (feeling old yet?) since Elle Woods went to law school in Legally Blonde and inspired us all. The sequel, Legally Blonde 2, in which Elle Woods fights against animal testing like a boss, came out in 2003. According to Deadline, there isn't much information available about the third movie's plot, but it will focus on women's empowerment (as movies should, TBH).

We obviously can't wait to see what Elle Woods will achieve in Legally Blonde 3. After all, we've been re-watching the first two movies for, like, a decade.