The Reason This Amazon Executive Passed on 'Big Little Lies' Is Horrifying

Eight-time Emmy winner Big Little Lies is a major success, thanks to HBO and the powerful women that brought the characters to life. Before the show found a home at HBO, Netflix, Showtime and Amazon were also pitched the miniseries, but given recent allegations against a now former Amazon executive, Roy Price, Big Little Lies is obviously better off.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Price passed on making Big Little Lies an Amazon series because he wanted more nudity from the female characters. Price reportedly said he didn't want the show unless Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon would "show their tits," Refinery29 reports. Price supposedly discussed the show at a staff holiday party and "mused aloud why he would greenlight the show if they didn't [show their breasts]." After hearing this, it's clear Amazon wasn't the right place for Big Little Lies.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only disturbing story that's come out about Price. He was suspended, and later resigned, after he was accused of sexual harassment by Isa Hackett, an executive producer of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle. Price reportedly made crude comments and jokes and pressured Hackett for sex. Price is also close with Harvey Weinstein, who is in hot water for sexual harassment. How convenient. 

Due to Price's ousting, questions are being raised about other shows whose fate Price had a say in. Anna Camp tweeted about her short-lived Amazon series, Good Girls Revolt, "He cancelled #goodgirlsrevolt a show about sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace." Disgusting.

Though I'm thankful Big Little Lies chose a different network and has had insane success, my stomach turns at the way Price handled a show that involves serious themes like domestic abuse.

With Price gone, I hope Amazon series can live and die by their merits—not by the inclusion or exclusion of female nudity.