Rashida Jones Taught Stephen Colbert How To Be A Feminist

Rashida Jones lived up to all our expectations when she went on The Late Show and taught Stephen Colbert all he needs to know to be a good feminist.

Colbert considers himself a feminist, but when the Angie Tribeca star asked him if he knew how be a feminist he replied, "Nope, no idea."  

"Well, you just have to stay educated and stay sensitive. You have to know what we go through," Jones explained. "You have to know what we go through. There's a lot of, kind of inherent sexism when you're an actress and you're interviewed, whether it's on a red carpet or about a movie or whatever."

Jones and Colbert then switched roles, and Jones asked a few questions typically asked exclusively of women, including "Who are are you wearing?" "What's your beauty regimen?" "With three kids at home, how do you do it all?" and "As a man in comedy, how have you been able to get your voice heard?" 

Colbert's answers are (as always) hilarious, and, as Jones points out, correct.

"You got all those answers right," she said, "unlike a woman. There's no right answer for a woman." Mic. Drop.