This Random Teenager Could Be Cara Delevingne's Dad

The internet is losing its shit because this random teenager looks just like Cara Delevingne's dad.

Sixteen-year-old Seth Hamby tweeted a photo of him next to a pic of a young Mr. Delevingne, and needless to say it's creepy AF. Since then, it's gone viral, and people are flipping the freak out.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Seth said that friends came up to him mentioning his crazy resemblence to Cara's dad after the actress posted a throwback picture on Instagram. “A few friends came up to me and showed me this picture of Cara Delevingne’s dad, and I was like, ‘WTF, where did you get that picture of me?’, then I realised it wasn’t me,” he said.

Does this mean that Cara has a long-lost brother that we didn't know about? 

Check out how people are reacting to this crazy scenario.