Prince William & Kate Middleton Reveal Name Of Their Royal Baby Boy & It's Not What We Were Expecting

The newest addition to the royal family arrived on Monday, April 23, when Prince William and Kate Middleton (who, BTW, has been hailed as superhuman for going outside—in heels!—just seven hours after giving birth) welcomed their third child and second son. Since then, people have been waiting anxiously to find out the name of the prince who bumps Prince Harry back another step to the throne (but who, in a historic first, can’t cut ahead of older sister Princess Charlotte).

Well, after four agonizing days of waiting, we finally have a name for the little prince: Louis Arthur Charles!


He, of course, has a longer official title: His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge (that’s Louis with a long E and silent S, in the French style, not like the more English “Lewis”). The name, announced in a statement from Kensington Palace, came as quite a shock to everyone that’s been taking bets—the favorite was apparently Albert, with Louis being way down the line. But, of course, a name is never just a name; at least, not with this family.

The name Louis has a lot of royal history behind it: it’s the middle name of both Prince William and Prince George, and it’s the first name of Prince Philip’s grandfather and Prince Charles’ great-uncle. Arthur is also a middle name of both Prince William and Prince Charles (because you can never have too many middle names, I guess?), as well as the name of one of Queen Victoria’s sons. Finally, Charles is maybe the most obvious choice, serving as a tribute to the baby’s grandfather.

In fact, Prince Charles released a statement of his own to celebrate the birth, joking, “The only trouble is, I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them.”



Congrats to Prince William and Kate, and welcome to the world, Prince Louis!