Pretty Little Liars Recap, S2, E8

PLL is back for another glorious week of perfect hair and mystery-solving.

In the beginning of the episode the girls are huddled in Spencer’s car discussing when they can’t trust Garrett. Suddenly, they see his car pull up to Jenna’s house, the gals hop out of the car like gangbusters and creep up to the house and peek through a window where they see Garrett and Jenna making out. Ever heard of curtains, Jenna? This is quickly turning into a show about peeping toms.
In the morning, at Hannah’s house, Emily is working towards her goal of perfection by doing sit-ups in the kitchen. Her side has been hurting, so she is continuously rubbing muscle cream on it. Hannah’s dad happily bounces downstairs in the morning (meaning he probably got some from Hannah’s mom) and awkwardly enough, Hannah gets an invite to his wedding with his fiancée Isabelle. Strange glances are exchanged among all.

At Spencer’s place, Wren comes over with flowers for Melissa. He’s back in Rosewood for the time being. Spencer asks him about autopsies and head wounds for a “school project,” and Wren, being not in the least suspicious tells her to ask a pathologist about it.

In the town square, Caleb is still doing some illegal work with phones, and Hannah notices a man in a parked car watching him with a file about Caleb open on his lap. Way to be obvious, Mr. Undercover Cop.

Garrett comes up to Spencer at school and asks her to continue the conversation they were having last night about how Ian may not be Ali’s murderer. Spencer, knowing now not to trust him, makes up a lame excuse for not caring anymore and walks off. In the school yard, troubled-teen/pouty-faced Mike fights with a friend, and his mom comes over and tells him to knock it off. Seriously, what is up with this kid? At Hollis, Aria is glazing a bowl or something for pottery class. She and Ezra have some snooze worthy conversation about whether he should trust Aria not to get with Jason. At school, Emily’s dad surprises her by coming up for the day to see her swim meet. She’s stressed out about telling her dad that the scholarship offer isn’t real. She falls to the floor moaning and clutching her side. Could this be the effects of tainted muscle cream?

Emily is taken to the hospital and finds out she has an ulcer that has been caused by stress. It’s a wonder they don’t all have ulcers with the things they go through. She wants to know when she can swim, but no one is sure. On the way to the hospital, Hannah tells Spencer that she is worried about telling Caleb about the cop following him, for fear that he will run away and abandon her again. Hannah’s mom decides to end the tryst with her ex-husband and she sends him back to Baltimore with his doting fiancée. Aria visits Emily, too and Emily tells the PLLs that she wants to tell her dad about the scout’s letter being fake, to ease her stress and help her heal. Spencer finds out where the morgue is at Rosewood Hospital. Wonder what she’s up to, Spencer always finds a way to get into trouble. Garrett tells Jenna that he thinks Spencer is on to him (which, she is) and Jenna tells him ominously to “take care of it.”

Wren comes in the hospital room and tells Emily that her tests show that she has HGH (human growth hormone, or steroids) in her bloodstream. She begs him not to tell her parents, for fear that she’ll be kicked off the team and have to leave Rosewood. Something tells me A is the one to blame for the HGH.  Aria and Spencer lurk around the hospital and change into candy striper outfits for some unknown reason.

Mrs. Montgomery tries to corner Mike and get him to talk about why he keeps breaking into houses, but his lips are sealed. Where the writers are going with this storyline, I have no idea. But they better get there quick because it’s getting really frustrating. Hannah takes Caleb to Spencer’s guest house to tell him that there’s a cop following him. Caleb doesn’t really seem to care. He says that he doesn’t want to hide and that he’s not leaving Rosewood, and then they start making out on the Hastings’ pristine couch. Emily gets a note in her hospital food. The muscle cream she’s been using comes with a note from A saying “Some cream with your coffee?”  So it was A that was spiking her muscle cream with roids.

The PLLs tell Emily to not give up, but she is ready to confess to her father and get ready to move to Texas. Her dad comes in and tells her to forget about the scout and focus on getting better. How convenient! I love the way TV can solve things so easily.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Aria are in the morgue where there are bodies under blankets. They rifle through the file cabinets to find Ali’s death documents. It says that Ali was hit from behind with a blunt-edged object (like the hockey stick Spencer found buried in her yard) and it made a dent in her skull. She didn’t die from the force of the blow though, she died from inhaling dirt. Spencer suggests that she might have been buried alive.

Hannah tells Caleb’s stalker to get lost. The man gets on the phone and tells someone that Caleb doesn’t want to see them. I’m guessing that the supposed undercover cop is just a private investigator sent by Caleb’s birth parents to find him. Real smooth, Hannah.

Back at the hospital when Spencer shows Emily Ali’s file, they discover that there is no page five. Spooky. It must have had some really important info in there.

At the end, the janitor is cleaning up the morgue while munching on some cookies and when he leaves the room, a figure rises up from beneath the sheets. A really creepy ending to a great episode.

Can’t wait to see what goes down next week!