Pretty Little Liars Recap, S2, E6

The girls are all gathered around folding brochures in the fashion show and they discuss the creepy graveyards events from the episode before. Hannah brings up an excellent point:  If Ian didn’t kill Ali, did A? Because this whole time I was convinced that A was Ali, because A knows all of their deepest secrets, but now I’m not so sure.

During the folding sesh, Aria gets a text from Jason and he wants to meet her. She abruptly leaves her bud and she gets into Jason’s car. At night. Doesn’t this scream danger to anyone else? Aria clearly needs to watch more Lifetime movies. Jason tells Aria that he regrets the things he said to her at the funeral about blacking out and he says his mom is coming back to town for the fashion show. Jason says “Ali lived for that fashion show.” I see what you did there, writers.

Hannah’s mom and dad are getting cozy and making sexy martinis with each other, but Hannah’s dad has to go back to his fiancée so Han’s all like ‘UGH, can you just GO back to your REAL family already?!?!”  Petulant Hannah is just so pleasant.

Toby lays some serious mack down on Spencer in her doorway, making her hard exterior all soft and squishy. Aw. Spencer’s dad is yelling on the phone to someone asking why Jason’s back in town. When Spencer questions him about it, he blatantly lies while fumbling around for a salty snack. Spencer, the snoop that she is, finds out that he was actually yelling at Jessica DiLaurentis, Ali’s mom.
Emily’s mom misses her dad in Texas, Emily urges her to stay there until summer break. Not sure what Emily’s motive is behind this, but maybe wants she wants some alone time with her GF and to finish solving Ali’s death.

At Spencer’s house, and Spence and Aria wonder who Jason is hiding in his house. They get a text from Jessica asking the girls to meet him for lunch. Over lunch, Mrs. DiLaurentis is pounding back Bloody Marys like it’s nobody’s business. Slow down, girl. She brings a huge present for each of the girls and it turns out that they’re dresses. How nice! Oh wait, they’re Ali’s dresses. How creepy! Jessica seems to think that they’re prefect for the fashion show, where she wants to do a tribute for Ali. She says: “It’s the four of you her are keeping her memory alive.” Oh honey, you have no idea.

Mona is committee chair of the fashion show now because Spencer was away with Ian’s death. Surprise! The DJ is Noel Kahn.  

Aria asks her mom if it’s possible to black out and not remember anything. Which is pretty stupid because the answer is yes. It’s called alcohol. Wait until you go to college.

Hannah is dancing around to her iPod, when her dad walks it. Yikes, we’ve all been there, girl. He says that he’s staying for the weekend to see the fashion show. Hannah confronts him and says that she knows he’s still in love with her mom. And he’s staying to get closer to her, not Hannah. He insists that there’s nothing going on between them. And she throws away the perfectly good Thai food that her dad brought. Rude!

Aria and Jason go through Ali’s photos for the fashion show. Jason feels like he’s being grilled by Aria. This part was mostly dull, so I came up with a nickname for Jason that truly encompasses who he is: Tan Muscles.

Mona is being a really power-hungry during the rehearsal for the fashion show. Spencer is getting sassy at Mona, but Toby calms her down before she rips off her side ponytail. On the night of the show, Sumara brings her lady-friend Quinn as a date. Awkward vaguely sexual jokes are made, and Emily feels like she’s being passed over for someone else. The PLL moms are chatting together and it’s just like the show in 20 years. Spencer’s dad and Ali’s mom are snapping at each other backstage. What could that be about?

Hannah goes to get champagne and sees her mom and dad having a deep conversation about Hannah’s moodiness. They dance and laugh and, Hannah, instead of being happy for them gets all weird. Sumara tells Emily that she is ready to branch out and date other girls too. The PLLs are pushing Hannah to get back with Caleb.  Finally the show begins and the ladies come out in boho outfits with Farrah Fawcett hair.

The tribute to Ali starts girls walk out in her dresses. It’s all sweet and nice for about 10 seconds and then the music becomes menacing. Words like “Evil,” “B*tch,” and “Monster” flash on the screen. The lighting gets red and it’s a very Carrie (the horror movie, not Bradshaw) type moment.

Alison’s mom is very upset. When the girls all alone, a note pops up on the projector “My dresses, my game, my rules.” Aria goes back to grab all over her carefully shown Tresume products. Noel sneaks up on her to give back the CD, but Tan Muscles busts in and takes the projection CD away.

Emily’s mom is serious about going to Texas, and has arranged for her to stay with Hannah. Hannah turns out being right, her dad has feelings for her mom and he wants to stay in Rosewood longer. Hannah is surprisingly okay with that. Spencer comes back to her dad and tells him that he knows he is fighting with Jessica DiLaurentis and he tells her to stay away from Jason.

Jason and Aria talk at the fashion show venue. Aria asks “What if it wasn’t Ian?” But Jason doesn’t want to talk about it, he just wants to move on. When they leave the table, we see that the candles are in the letter A formation.

We see the black-gloved figure buying riding boots online. Wonder what that’s all about.

Till next week!