Pop Artist Caroline Romano Has Some Incredible Advice About Finding Confidence & You Need To Hear It

Look out, because Caroline Romano may soon be taking over your Spotify playlists with her soulful pop music. Her melodic voice is reminiscent of Halsey and Alessia Cara with her own twist. At only 17, Caroline has already shared the stage with huge names like Shawn Mendes. Her last single, "Ready," hit the Top 3 on Radio Disney's Top 30 Chart and her current single is "Come with Me."

In this exclusive clip shared with Her Campus, we got a behind-the-scenes look at Caroline's goals in anti-bullying, spreading body positivity and her advice on finding confidence.

"I'm really passionate about bullying prevention and spreading overall body positivity because it's something I've struggled with in the past," she says. "Through my music, I really wanna share that it's so much better to just not listen to those people who try to get you down . . . because you're never gonna be your best if you listen to them. Your best version of yourself is gonna be truly, unapologetically you."

Romano continues with emphasizing the importance of finding something one is confident in: "If you're confident in photography, or art, or fitness, latch on to that and really grow with it because that's gonna help you grow into yourself."

Watch her full important PSA below.