Pete Davidson Joked About Switching Out Ariana Grande's Birth Control With Tic Tac's on SNL & Twitter Was Not Here For It

I think everyone can pretty much agree that the internet's current favorite couple is Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. When they’re not being adorable commenting on each other's posts in hilarious ways, they’re adopting a baby pig adding more adorableness to their already cute little family. However, Davidson has caused an uproar on Twitter (again) for a comment he made on his relationship with Grande on Saturday Night Live.

On the season 44 premiere of SNL, Davidson was welcomed to the Weekend Update desk where co-host, and fellow Staten Islander, Colin Jost, discussed Davidson and the "God is a Woman" singer’s new relationship for the first time on the show. During the "witty" banter between the two SNL cast members, Davidson joked about switching out Ariana Grande’s birth control with Tic Tac’s…..because that’s funny.

Naturally, Twitter was NOT having any of it and many users expressed their hatred for the comments made by Davidson.


Some also reminded everyone how much trash men are, because #MenAreTrash and clearly don’t know the effect birth control actually has on a woman's body.

Especially in the current political climate and trauma that women are going through, the “joke," was not well received AT ALL and was basically a slap in the face after the Kavanaugh hearings.

Neither Grande or Davidson have commented on the matter, but one thing’s for sure, the SNL premiere was a hot mess and Davidson should just stop making jokes about his girlfriend.