People Thought The Weeknd Sent Gigi Hadid Birthday Flowers, But It Was All a Misunderstanding

It's no secret that Gigi Hadid had a fantastic birthday. From what we saw on Snapchat, the supermodel celebrated with presents, balloons and time with her family, friends and boyfriend Zayn Malik. Of course, the day wasn't without internet drama.

Gigi shared a photo of a bouquet of flowers on her Instagram story and included "Abel" in her thank you list of people who gave her gifts. Thinking that Abel was referring to her sister Bella Hadid's ex-boyfriend Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd), people lost their minds.

It turns out the flowers weren't from The Weeknd, though. They were from some of Gigi's Tommy x Gigi collection co-workers at Tommy Hilfiger, including an individual named Abdel. See? This is why spelling matters!

This whole situation proves you should never jump to conclusions. Everyone surrounding The Weeknd and Bella's one-time relationship seems to have moved on, so we probably should too.

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